About Us

Nestled in a quiet, rural Georgia community about an hour northeast of Atlanta, Eagle Ranch is a Christian-based children's home for up to 66 boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 18. The Ranch is a multi-faceted center – a home, a school and a counseling center – where children live for a season of their lives while their families learn to put their lives back together again.

Our children come from a variety of backgrounds and home situations, and each has unique needs and issues. All are in some stage of crisis, and most are behind in school. Our team of houseparents, counselors and teachers collaborates to help the boys and girls address these issues. During the entire process, we also work with the children’s families toward restoration. As our children and their families identify and change negative behaviors, they are able to overcome past failures and embrace a hopeful future.

The children and teens who come to live at Eagle Ranch typically are referred by a wide range of public and private sources – a school counselor or teacher; a juvenile court judge; a church staff member; a mental health professional; a state official with Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS); or often a parent or concerned family friend.

Eagle Ranch is a non-profit charitable organization that serves Georgia families throughout the upper half of the state, from the mountains of Northeast Georgia to urban metro Atlanta.

Defying an easy description.

Because the Ranch is an organization based on children, we are sometimes confused with other child-oriented centers. Eagle Ranch may best be described by what it is not:

  • It does not warehouse an assembly line of children. The small number of children in each home allows individual attention and focus. No more than seven children live under one roof and each home is supervised by a well-trained and loving houseparent couple.
  • It is not a custodial program. Fully licensed counselors regularly engage children and families in therapy sessions.
  • It is not a program of independent or disconnected services. A holistic, well-rounded approach is taken to ensure seamless integration of all elements of care – home life, counseling and education.
  • It is not focused solely on the child. Family reunification is the ultimate goal.

Indeed, with its impact in so many areas of the child’s life, Eagle Ranch hardly fits into a single definition of a children's home. Except to say that it is a place “where hope soars.”