When the Struggle Becomes Too Great

Nearly all families struggle at some point. But sometimes it becomes too much. When conflict, anger, resentment, outbursts and disrespect become the norm, a family needs help. Eagle Ranch helps guide families through the struggle.

Leaving the House to Come Home

Providing separation and a new environment can lead to a new perspective and a willingness to work on problems. Eagle Ranch keeps families connected throughout a child’s stay. You and your child will participate in regular meetings at the Ranch, and your child will come home every other weekend and on holidays. Each time your child comes home, your family will receive tips and guidance on how to spend this time together in a productive, more peaceful way.

Whether you’re married, divorced, a single parent, a grandparent, aunt, uncle or guardian for a child, you will meet families just like yours and receive additional support from a community of peers. Eagle Ranch also can accommodate siblings within its program, when needed.

To find out if Eagle Ranch is right for your child, contact the Ranch at 770-967-8500. We will help you identify the best resource for your family.

Many families who turn to Eagle Ranch are struggling with a child who is acting out. The following article, Too Defiant, describes the situations some of our families face. There are also many parents that are not sure if they need outside help or not. The following article, Beyond the Grade, includes a list that can help parents determine if their child and family needs help. If this sounds like your family, or a family you know, Eagle Ranch can help.

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