Our Core Philosophy

Whole family approach

Our Whole Family approach addresses core areas that impact relationships and can help your family live a connected, thriving and supported life.
Living together, but not feeling like a family? Stuck in an ongoing struggle? We'll help you explore areas that can help all family members learn about themselves, each other, and how to work together.

Your Story

Our life experiences influence how we perceive the world and interact with others. We help each family member learn about their life story and how it affects relationships.

Knowing Your Child

Each child is unique and deserving of our love and attention. Your child will discover his or her gifts, abilities and stumbling blocks. You’ll learn how to use this insight to create positive interactions with your child.

Family Dynamics

From the number of children in a home to dynamics such as blended families, different factors within a family and household impact parenting and the home environment.

Nurture & Structure

Families thrive with structure, boundaries and consequences in a loving, caring environment. We help families develop these areas and strike a healthy balance of nurture and structure.

Healthy Community

Community support can help ease the pressures of parenting. We offer each family fellowship with our Eagle Ranch community as we help you learn how to connect to, and grow, long-term support.

A Christian Perspective

Our program is presented from a Christian perspective, but we invite families of all faith perspectives to feel welcomed and cared for in our program and community.

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