Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eagle Ranch?

Eagle Ranch is a Christ-centered nonprofit organization that takes a whole family approach to restoring and renewing relationships for children and families. The Ranch opened in 1985 as a residential program and has continued to grow. Even in our early days, the Ranch has been a pioneer in family reunification - working with the entire family to help heal and renew relationships and transform lives. Over the years (nearly 40!), we've expanded our program to meet the needs of children and families. In addition to residential care, Eagle Ranch offers a Day Student program, Family Support counseling, and outpatient counseling and retreats at The Wing Center at Eagle Ranch. Read more about our services on this website!

Why do families turn to Eagle Ranch?

Families turn to Eagle Ranch when the struggles they are experiencing feel too much to handle on their own. Our services address a broad spectrum of needs, ranging from preventative care to crisis help. If you're experiencing difficulties with your child and family and wish you had someone to turn to for advice and assistance, we're here to help. You may or may not need our services, but we can guide you to a helpful next step.

What is your campus like?

The Eagle Ranch campus is located on 315 wooded acres in Flowery Branch, Georgia. With two picturesque lakes, wooded trails and wildlife, it is a peaceful and beautiful environment that promotes healing. We also have a lot of fun with indoor and outdoor recreational activities that encourage kids to enjoy childhood, learn teamwork, and discover new interests and talents. The families we serve enjoy spending time together in our lakeside pavilions, walking our trails and participating in Ranch activities, trainings and events. Our services are provided in high quality facilities, including a SACS-accredited school, residential homes, equine center and riding rings, a 10,000-square-foot outpatient counseling and retreat center, meeting facilities, and athletic and activity centers. We also host campus-based events, civic meetings, volunteer opportunities and other activities designed to build community.

How are families involved?

Because Eagle Ranch promotes whole family healing, families are involved in our services - this includes parents, guardians, siblings and/or others who have significant roles in families. We provide counseling, training, support and activities designed to help family members gain helpful insight and learn how to apply it in their lives to heal and renew relationships and transform their lives. We also encourage time together, and families in our Residential Program enjoy time with their child every other weekend and holidays at home.

Where do the children and families you serve come from?

Eagle Ranch serves Georgia families. Because our services take place on our campus, the majority come from the Ranch’s base in Northeast Georgia. For ongoing services such as our Residential and Day School programs, families live within an 80-mile range of our campus. Many families contact the Ranch directly about our services, but we also receive referrals from schools, counselors, regional medical facilities, churches, and others who are connected to children and families.

Do families have to pay?

We use the FACTS aid assessment tool to determine appropriate service rates for families. Thanks to generous donors who support our program and facilities, Eagle Ranch's services are affordable and accessible to families of all income levels.

What are the ages of the children at Eagle Ranch?

Eagle Ranch's services are for children and families of all ages and stages. For our Residential and Day School programs, children must be ages 8-15 at the time of admission. The Day School Program accepts application for children entering/in grades 4-9, while the Residential Program accepts applications for children entering/in grades 6-9.

What is the average length for the Day School and Residential programs?

Each family's situation may be slightly different based on their circumstances and the goals they set. On average, our children and families participate in our Residential and Day School programs for 18-24 months, but this will vary from family to family.

Does Eagle Ranch serve Non-Christian or Non-religious families?

The Eagle Ranch program is based on Christian principles, so our program is provided from a faith perspective. But we welcome and care for families from all faith backgrounds, or who don't have a faith perspective. We have successfully served many families with varying beliefs and backgrounds.

Where is Eagle Ranch located?

Eagle Ranch is located on 315 acres of wooded land four miles off Interstate 85 in southern Hall County, Georgia, about 50 miles north of Atlanta.

Our campus address is: 5500 Union Church Road, Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542

Our mailing address is PO Box 7200, Chestnut Mountain, Georgia 30502

Do you receive any public funding?

Eagle Ranch is funded through private donations from individuals, businesses, churches and private foundations.

We do participate in the Georgia GOAL program, which allows individual and corporate taxpayers in Georgia to redirect their tax dollars to funding for private school scholarships. This funding from individuals and corporations helps aid the educational portion of our program.

How are my donations used?

80% or more of donations go directly to Eagle Ranch's programs and services for children and families. We have been debt-free since inception.

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